How to custom login in Wordpress Self hosted

WordPress is a CMS that is very popular among developers. 
CMS is very popular with a lot of features as well as a lot of documentation that they offer. 

The ease in terms of developing into their own reasons for website developers are reluctant to switch to another CMS. However, some time ago there are some web I manage attacks from outsiders. forcing me to change my wordpress standard structure. Why is it I do? .. 

Web security is the main thing. Because if we have a web very easily broken ya dong over time be a big loss to us? .. Especially if the breaker is to be able to steal nickname and password our web ..

Some people may be reluctant to change the default login page of their website? .. Whereas, it is of great risk of being targeted by hackers looking to hack our site? .. 

Default login page wordpress-based website that is wp-admin / this address is the address that very often subjected to brute-force attacks that aim to get id and password of our website? ..  

of course if the attacker managed to get id and password, of course, he can do anything that could damage our website ? .. 
of course this can be prevented by changing the structure of the standards that we use wordpress. Or in other words we can change the default login page of our website? ..

That's what befell the website of my client? .. Lucky client account cpanel I did not have any attacks and I can still login to cpanel account belonging to my client ?. oke is very important to know the security hole our website. If we can find a web security hole, then we also can quickly patch immediately? .. In this section, I will discuss how to change the default login url of wordpress? .. As an example I would replace the wp-login.php gudegjogja.php:
  • Edit the file wp-login.php and replace all the text wp-login.php contained in the file with gudegjogja.php
  • Rename the file wp-login.php with gudegjogja.php. Edit general-template.php file located in wp-include folder and replace all the wp-login.php with gudegjogja.php then find the line "function wp_login_url" which was like this:
function wp_login_url($redirect = ‘ ‘, $force_reauth = false) {
$login_url = site_url(‘gudegjogja.php’, ‘login’);


function wp_login_url($redirect = ‘ ‘, $force_reauth = false) {
$login_url = site_url(‘ ‘, ‘login’);
because it is a line of code to redirect / wp-admin to our login page. so by eliminating gudegjogja.php in the line of code so if you open home will immediately redirect to your website. Yach that's what I did on my web client to avoid brute force attacks? .. Because if they access the default login page of the web site of my client's? .. It will automatically redirect to the homepage directly d ?.

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